Timber Laminate

Today, laminate flooring provides you with the realistic look of wood at an affordable price. Like carpets, and most things in life, there are significant differences in price depending on the quality. Click or self locking profiles, are the most popular. Important questions to ask that will assist you to determine the quality of a laminate floor are; How thick is the board? How wear resistant, scratch resistant, indentation resistant is the surface?

Weathered Oak



The latest in Bamboo flooring is a tri colour called Australiana.

One of our most popular durable hard flooring is Bamboo. Bamboo is environmentally sustainable. Harvested from managed bamboo forests every 5 or 6 years. It is a solid stable hardwood. Easy to clean and maintain. Bamboo is 99.5% Termite resistant ( with No Toxic Fumes) The boards are prefinished and can be resanded at a later stage. Strand Woven Bamboo is the second hardest flooring on the planet. Harder than all Australian hardwood timbers. Scratch resistant( but care should be taken with all hardflooring e.g. high heels or dragging heavy furniture). Bamboo is a flooring that will last a long time. For more information Scroll down and double click on our Timber and Bamboo suppliers


Timber Floating Floor

Is real timber which comes prefinished with six layers of mid gloss acrylic coating for scratch resistance. Floor can be walked on immediately after installation avoiding time consuming sanding and polishing of solid timbers. These floors can be lightly sanded and recoated further down the track if the need arises



Laminate Floating Floor

is a Synthetic timber look floor that is more durable than timber. Can be walked on immediately after installation and does not require any coatings
Both Timber and Laminate Floating floors are suitable for Kitchen, Living, Bedrooms & Hallways.

The only areas that do not suit Timber and Laminate floating floors are Bathrooms, Toilets or Laundries.